Get a Slack App for your product

Join the likes of HubSpot, Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Salesforce, DocuSign, Dropbox, and thousands of other companies that have already invested in the Slack platform.

Give us one month to deliver a Slack App for your SaaS that's 10x better than your competitors'.

Surprise your customers by giving them something they didn't know they needed but will quickly wonder how they ever managed without it.


Why do I need a Slack App?

Most SaaS products do not have good Slack Apps. 

It is a lost potential with an easy fix.

  • Web is just one interface

    Nowadays, work starts when you open Slack. Your product can be there.

    Feature parity with your product is not the goal, but the value of providing quick actions can never be underestimated.

    Your customers will appreciate all of the clicks you just saved them.

  • Slack is the new Mobile

    "On the go" is not that important when everybody's at home. Users now spend more time in Slack, than on their phones.

    AND your Slack App will work seamlessly on mobile devices anyway. 

  • /slash commands won't cut it

    Having a Slack App to simply check off a features box is not enough. Your app can show modals, buttons, & dropdowns. It can also send forms, DMs, update messages and much, much more. Use it.

Our Services

Slack App is the main thing, but not the only thing. There are many others that must happen around it to ensure a successful release.

  • Product Design

    We'll work with you and your team to learn about your customers and your product, so we can propose the best in-Slack workflow possible.

  • Help with API

    Once we have defined all your needs, we'll work with your team to make sure we have all the integration points required.

  • Hosting

    DevOps is a job in itself. We will take care of the hosting, deployment, uptime, monitoring, and everything that goes with it. Our apps are deployed close to Slack servers, reducing the latency to an absolute minimum.

  • App Directory

    Once the development process is complete, we'll setup the App under your Slack Workspace, and we'll make sure it's officially approved by Slack and published in the App Directory.

  • Monthly Retainer

    We will not just create the App and leave you to it. Once the App is released, you will get 10 hours’ worth of bug fixes and small improvements included, as well as us making sure that everything is working as expected.

  • User Onboarding

    It will be our job to onboard and educate your users on how to interact with the new interface. 

  • Help Center

    We'll prepare and publish a single-page help centre, which provides clear and easy guidance on how to use your new Slack App. 

  • Analytics

    We'll send usage analytics to your Segment, or Mixpanel, which will help you to drive engagement and allow you to analyse & segment your users. 

  • Bonus

    Slide Deck

    A 5-minute presentation showcasing the App which can be used to present at your next all-hands or investor meeting.

Our public apps

Alongside our consulting services, we have published a number of bots that you can try in your workspace.

Used by 4500 teams with 750.000 users.

Expenses for Slack

Expenses for Slack

Track all your employee expenses in Slack.

  • Create budgets and define limits
  • Add budget managers
  • Give your employees the ability to track their expenses and attach receipts
Todo for Slack

Todo for Slack

Create tasks and receive real-time notifications. Increase your and your team's productivity every day!

  • Create daily to-do list inside Slack for you and your team
  • Add deadlines and get notifications at the most convenient times
Queue for Slack

Queue for Slack

Synchronize deployments, on-call rotation or office hours. Manage time-dependent tasks in your daily routine.

  • Create one queue per Slack channel for as many people as you need
  • Get direct notifications when it's your turn to take the action

The Slack Platform has grown

Slack is investing a lot of time and money into its platform and has come a long way since the early days of simple slash commands and plain messages.

You can now do so much more in Slack than you'd expect. Here's a non-comprehensive list of the most commonly used elements. 

  • Forms


    Your Slack App can leverage advanced interactivity with forms that can be embedded in messages, or opened separately in modals.

    Inputs, buttons, dynamic select menus, checkboxes... these are just some of the available components you can use in forms. 

  • App Home

    App Home

    Messages are no longer the only way your app can communicate with its users. Slack Apps now have a dedicated space in their App Home to display data and interactive forms.

  • Message shortcuts

    Message Shortcuts

    Message shortcuts allow users to invoke your app straight from a Slack message.

    For example, users can quickly generate tasks from a posted message, or send messages to external services.

  • Global Shortcuts

    Global Shortcuts

    Global shortcuts can be initiated from the shortcuts button in the message composer, or from within a search.

    For example, users can trigger a global shortcut to create a calendar event or view their upcoming on-call shifts. 

  • Slash commands

    Slash Commands

    Slash Commands allow users to invoke your app by typing a string into the message composer box.

    It's always good to at least handle the "/app help" command. 

  • Bot User

    Bot User

    Your Slack App will be added to your users' Slack workspace as a bot user. Bot users have a name and a logo. They can post messages and respond to @mentions. Users will always know they're interacting with your app.

  • Messages


    Slack apps can easily send, update, and pin public, or private, messages.

    Updating a message after a button is clicked? Not a problem.

    Updating a message in the background after a long process has finished and displaying its status? That's also possible. 

The Team

We're a team of three with 27 years of combined experience in product design, development and delivery.

Writing Slack Apps since 2015.

  • Rt 500
    Adam Hodowany
  • Tymon
    Tymon Tobolski
  • Kamil
    Kamil Górski
  • Us

    You're not paying us to learn on your dime. We've already spent thousands of hours developing Slack apps, on top of the years spent working on web apps.

    Development is just part of the story. Slack apps also require a completely different approach to Product Design.

    We're specialists in a very narrow field where we do it all. We know what works and how to deliver top quality products at speed.

  • The alternative

    You won't hire in-house developers to work solely on your Slack app. When it's not their focus, it's hard to learn, and hard to keep up. The backlog is not getting any shorter - use your developers to push forward your core product.

    Any agency will tell you they'll do it easily. Chances are they don't know what they're talking about and you'll end up paying them for their learning & mistakes.

How much does it cost?

We work closely with your team to learn about your product and your customers. Together we define the scope of your new Slack App. We agree on the API.

Then we get to work and, before you know it you have a Slack App for your product.

  • Starting at

    This buys you an app delivered in one month's worth of development.

    Realistically, accounting for all of the negotiations, planning, API adjustments, Slack approval process, and everything around it, you can have the app two months after you decide to contact us.

    You'll present it at your next quarterly meeting.
  • Monthly Retainer

    That covers keeping the lights on - hosting and 10 hours' worth of maintenance. Bugs are not your worry.

    We will also keep your app up-to-date with any changes to the Slack Platform.
  • Future development

    Any potential additional and future development charged like any other agency's consulting service.

I want it that way

Tell us about your product. 

We usually reply within 24 hours.

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